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Scientist, Scientist, What Do You See? Flannel board

This is a flannelboard set I put together for a Little Makers program I covered at one of our branches during a coworker's medical leave. I thought it was a great opportunity to introduce some scientific vocabulary to preschool aged kids!  Scientist, Scientist, What Do You See? Adapted from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin
Scientist, scientist, what do you see? I see a _______ looking at me.
Verses: …scales, magnets, magnifying glass, microscope, beaker, computer, safety goggles,
Last verse: _______ whatever the last thing is_____, what do you see? I see your lab partner ready to work!

Words adapted by me Flannelboard source: Target dollar spot July 2019 (not sold online)
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Dollar Tree flannel board sets

Dollar Tree has these great gingerbread and snowman flannel board sets in their stores now. They also have a Christmas tree one (not shown) which I did not purchase. They are nice and big (each is over 12 inches long). Best of all, the sets are $1 each!

You can also buy a case of them online.

I just purchased these today, so there should be plenty of time to pick some up before winter storytimes!

"The Wheels on the Fire Truck" Flannel Song

The Wheels on the Fire Truck The wheels on the fire truck go round and round, Round and round, Round and round, The wheels on the truck go round and round, All through the town.
Verses: Ladder…up and down Hose…spray, spray spray Firedog…woof

Lyrics: adapted from the traditional "Wheels on the Bus" Flannelboard pieces from Target's dollar spot in July 2019 (not sold online)

"Going to the Sweet Shop" Flannel Board


Start by placing the little girl on the center of the board. For each piece of food, repeat the rhyme below before putting that felt piece on the board:
Going to the Sweet Shop
Goin' to the sweet shop.
Gonna find a treat.
I wonder what to eat?

Words: Adapted by me (see a previous version involving play food) Felt pieces from Target's dollar spot in July 2019 (not sold online)

Where is Robot? Flannelboard

Inspired by Lady Librarian's Where is Robot game, here's my take!

I used a set of bulletin board gears that I laminated and added Velcro dots to the back for the gears. The robot is clip art from Canva that I printed onto a milk filter. I also added a Velcro dot to his back so he would stick better behind a gear.

“Where is Robot?”
Robot, robot, we know you’re here!
Are you behind the (color) gear?

Similar games are Baby Raccoon, Little Mouse, Little Moon, Little Worm Hide and Seek, etc.

"I Have a Pet" Flannel board

I Have a Pet
I have a pet. He is a dog. And he goes, "Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. Woof woof."
Additional verses:
…She is a cat. And she goes, "Meow” (7x)
…He is a bird. And he goes, "Tweet (7x)
…She is a fish. And she goes, "Glub” (7x)
…He is a rabbit. And he goes “twitch” (7x)
…She is a hamster. And she goes “run” (7x)

Adapted from YouTube
Flannel pieces from Target's dollar spot (not sold online) in July 2019. You could also easily do this with puppets or other props. I shared a similar idea previously. 

Build a 'Bot Flannel Action Activity

Inspired by the Build a Castle activity that has been shared by several fellow bloggers, I adapted the idea for our new robot storytime tub.

I bought some felt shapes from the Target dollar spot (3 packs of 24 for $3 each) and the idea is for the kids to build 1 (or more, depending on your branch's audience size) robot cooperatively.

The picture below is just a sample robot I designed while testing this idea. You could also use a die with robot parts labeled on it to decide in what to order to add them (head, arms, legs, feet, trunk, and maybe a free choice would give you 6 options).

Nesting Robots

Nesting Robots
Robot, Robot I hear a sound Cup your ear Who is it?  Beep!  Prop source: Amazon
I've done similar nesting rhymes for chickens, cats, and dogs. This one is for a robot-themed storytime tub we will be debuting at winter storytimes across my library system in January.

"Going on a Quest" Puppet Rhyme

I wrote this rhyme for our Fairy Tales themed storytime tub. The concept is very similar to previous rhymes I've posted involving pets and pirates, among others. To me, these are great ways of using puppets in storytime that don't involve actual puppetry. So if you have some puppets collecting dust, go ahead and try using them like this! 
It's a good way to introduce the vocabulary word "quest" in storytime. You can talk about how "quest" is a synonym for words children may be more familiar with like "journey" and "adventure" or "trip."

Going on a Quest
Going on a quest! Gonna be a long trip! I want to take some friends. I wonder who to bring! (look into bag and pull out a puppet) A ______princess/dragon//knight/king)___!

Prep: Stuff all the puppets into the fairy tale bag before telling the rhyme

Puppet source:
Melissa and Doug Palace Pals hand puppets

Other fairy tale themed ideas I have are Two Little Unicorns and Dragon Egg.

Two Little Aliens

Two Little Aliens
(To the tune of "Two Little Blackbirds")

Two little Aliens crashed on a hill,
One named Jack and the other named Jill.Fly away, Jack (wheeeee!)Fly away, Jill (wheeeee!)Come back, Jack

Other verses: Flying in the sky…One named Low and one named High... Stuck in a black hole.. One named Fast and one named Slow
Prop Source: Amazon Words written by So Tomorrow Blog