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More Puppetry Tips!

Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me well, there are a few things I neglected to mention in my previous post about how we do puppet shows at my place of work. These are mostly quick tips and random bits of advice that I do hope you will find helpful:

1)Another added bonus of recording puppet shows is the relief of not having to memorize lines or follow a script very carefully. Instead of taping the entire script (a 10 minute puppet show will most likely have about 6 pages of lines, in my experience) to the page of the stage, I type up just the cues where characters enter or exit the stage and a few instances when they need to be performing a certain action as necessitated by the dialogue. For example, in The Tortoise & The Hare, the Hare trips over the Tortoise in the beginning scene. The cheat sheet tells the puppeteer exactly which line the puppets need to perform that action. We actually have two sets of cheat sheets backstage--one for each puppeteer. The actions they are resp…

How to Perform Library Puppet Shows Simply and Cheaply: A SoTomorrow How To

The library where I work has a long tradition of performing puppet shows. Before I started here, I had very little experience in puppetry, but I have had an absolute blast putting these shows together. Our spring series runs next week, and I am already looking forward to our winter series during winter break.

Each show I have done, I have tried to make a little bit more elaborate than the previous one. The first one was only three months after starting this job, so I was still adjusting and wasn't quite sure where to begin. One thing I knew I didn't want to do was use other people's recordings (such as audio-books). Copyright legalities aside, I felt that if we were presenting a puppet show performance it should be as much of our work as possible. While we continue to use royalty-free scripts, in the current show I have actually written an original rap piece to be performed by a rapping-pizza-delivering walrus. I recorded my own voice for the walrus, then lowered it using …