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Outer Space Storytime... Out of this galaxy!

One of my favorite things to do (now that I have an apartment that comes with its very own private porch) is to lay back in my hammock and look up at the stars. I was very excited to have Outer Space as our theme at story-time this week. It is our last before we take a nice, long break through the month of August and come back in early September, so I tried to make it count.

Astronaut PiggyWiggy by Diane Fox
Goldilocks and the Three Martians> by Stu Smith and illustrated by Michael Garland. I love Michael Garland. His Mystery Mansion is one of my favorites. I thought this was actually the more interesting of the books that we read today. I normally try to vary the age range, but since our friends from the daycare could not come today, this one was a little old for the children who were present this morning. C'est la vie, I guess.

One of my other favorite space-themed books that we did not read because it slipped my mind until I was going through some notes is by author/ill…

Art Storytime

When I was putting together this week's storytime, I was saddened by how few ideas were floating around on Ye Ol' Internet. There are plenty of craft ideas related to the theme of "art," but a lot of the books are too young for the kids who come to my storytime.

So here's what we actually did wind up doing:


The Dot by Peter Reynolds
Ish by Peter Reynolds (His books have been SO GOOD for my art self-efficacy)
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont

We made masks together. Perhaps not the most original thing, but it is a classic craft for a reason!

Sample Craft:

Circus storytime

Our theme this week at the library was the circus. Storytime for us is usually a bit of a circus, but this time around it was a bit more deliberate.

-Tightrope Poppy, the Highwire Pig by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.
-Clowns on Vacation by Nina Laden. (I don't know why the reviewers were so harsh on this one.)

-Clown Costume relay race (throw piles of different articles of clothing on the floor, have the kids "get dressed" and run back into line)
-Tightrope walk (you could use a jump-rope, masking tape, 2 by 4s, etc.)
-"Lion taming" (have the kids pretend to be lions and jump through a hula hoop--decorated to look like it's on fire with construction paper)
-Pin the nose on the clown (I used colored pom-poms, but you could use circles cut out of red construction paper)
-Gave out prizes for Best StrongMan impression, Silliest Face, Best Clown Costume, etc.

-Elephant Mask from