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Little Birds in the Birdhouse

Little Birdies in the Birdhouse By Anne Clark Little birdies in a house, Can we hear them tweet? Little birdies in the house, Will you sing your song?
Used with: Animal House Birdhouse

Could also use with this rhyme:

Little Bird [tune: "Five Little Ducks" ] One little bird with feathers of blue; flew beside the green one and then there were two. Two little birds signing in the tree; The red bird came and then there were three. Three little birds, wishing there were more; Along came the purple bird and then there were four. Four little birds, happy to be alive; Found a little yellow one, and then there were five. Five little birds as happy as can be. Singing beautiful songs - just for you and me!

We're Little Red Crabs Prop Song

Song: “We’re Little Red Crabs” (Tune: Farmer in the Dell) We’re little red crabs Who live down by the sea, And where we do go We’re quick as quick can be. We’re little red crabs Who like to run and hide, And when you see us walking by It’s always side to side. Credit: Preschool Education

Used with Zippy Paws: Sea Buddies Burrow--Crab 'n Rock

An Aquarium for My Fish Prop Rhyme

An Aquarium for My Fish On Saturday I got my wish, When I found an aquarium for my fish
But an empty tank is not much fun, So I bought an orange fish and now I have one.
I have a fish, but one won’t do, So I bought another and now I have two.
I have two fish swimming happily, But I bought another, and now I have three.
A tank full of fish is lots of fun, But the cat just saw them so I’d better run!

Prop source: Zippy Paws--Sea Buddies Burrow--Aquarium

This is a pretty well known rhyme and I simply made a few tweaks to the structure to better fit the prop I am using with it.

Three Little Seahorses Prop Rhyme

Three Little Seahorses Three little seahorses In the ocean blue One went to play And that left two.
Two little seahorses Having some fun. One went home And that left one.
One little seahorse Yes, just one, He swam away And that left none!

Used with Zippy Paws' Sea Buddies Burrow--Seahorse 'n Coral

Down By the Lily Pad

I'm tweaking a few of our curated storytime tubs and so I decided to split our Fish/Pond/Beach and Pirates tubs into Fish/Pond and Ocean/Pirates. But then I needed to beef up the pond content, so I came up with this lily pad activity.

Down by the Lily Pad
I'm swimming by a lovely, little lily pad,
Lovely little lily pad.
And this is what I am...
A fish!

I'm hopping on (frog), flying by (dragonfly), etc. 

Change the words to suit whatever puppets or stuffed animals you have. You can put down a tarp or sheet to make them look more like a pond!

If you don't like the rhyme, adapt the idea as a guessing game. Who might fly by a lily pad? Who might hop onto a lily pad? Have a conversation with the kiddos.

This could also be adapted to a flannel board.

Prop Sources: Floating Foam Lotus Leaves (pack of 6) and Artificial Floating Foam Lotus Flowers (pack of 4)

I also want to draw some attention to the wonderful resources that the Wisconsin Water Library has put together. I'm not…

Starting Stop Motion Animation Technology class for kids

A few weeks ago, I did a 1 hr workshop on the (very) basics of stop motion animation for kids. It seemed like all the program plans I found online for this type of program were for much longer time frames, but I felt like an hour was sufficient as long as everyone knew in advance we were making mini-movies (less than 30 seconds). The kids took to the app right away and were so creative!

If you are interested in my program outline, you can read it via Google Documents. The YouTube playlist I put together for the program introduction is here. I did not make any of the videos featured on the playlist but I do want to say thanks to the creators who did. 

We used iPads with the free version of Stop Motion Studio for this program.

I hope to do a similar version of this for families in summer of 2019. It was really fun!