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First Grade Library Visits

I did a first-grade library orientation program today and I just wanted to share what we did (and record it for this time next year). I need to point out that I had help from my wonderful co-worker Denise, so this is really designed for 2 people from the library to present, which we needed today because we had four 1st grades in attendance at once! That's about 100 kids!

And it worked well to have two "performers" because we could play off each other and one of us could prep the next part while the other kept the kids occupied. So, thanks Denise! I put the things we said in bold and the "stage directions" in regular font and in parantheses.

The section on library cards is taken mostly verbatim from the library's system "how to do" orientation, but I just shortened it so I could look through it as we went easier.

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about the library and all the things we can do for you there, but first we want to make sure you’re all rea…