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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Flannel Board

One of my favorite storytime songs is Zoom, Zoom, Zoom which I was introduced to via Jbrary.
I sing it every week with my evening storytime group and I thought they would enjoy a flannelboard version of it too.

I made this one using felt and some dies on our Ellison machine at my library. It came together very quickly!

Zoom, zoom, zoom We're going to the moon. Zoom, zoom, zoom We're going to the moon. If you want to take a trip climb aboard my rocket ship. Zoom, zoom, zoom We're going to the moon. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!
Other verses: Fly, fly, fly, we're going to the sky (the black felt represents the sky--my usual flannel board is red) Far, far, far, we're going to the stars Fun, fun, fun we're going to the sun....

Three Elephants on a Spider’s Web Prop Story

Three Elephants on a Spider’s Web One elephant went out to play Upon a spider’s web one day. He had such enormous fun, He called for another elephant to come… “Oh, ELEPHANT!”
Two elephants…
Three elephant went out to play Upon a spider’s web one day.
The web went creak, the web went crack. And all of the elephants went KERSPLAT!

Prop Source: Zippy Paws Elephant Cave

Chicks in the Hut Prop Song

The Chicks in the Hut Tune: Wheels on the Bus The chicks in the hut go cluck, cluck, cluck. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck Cluck Cluck, Cluck All through the day.
Other verses: Chicks in the pond—go swim, Chicks in the mud—go splash Chicks in the yard—go play

Prop source: Zippy Paws Chicken Hut (comes with 3 chicks)

Birthday Cake Mystery Set

This is just a simple dog toy set that I thought would make a good introduction to a birthday party-themed storytime. I would simply talk about the items with the kids instead of making up a rhyme or song to go with them. So for example, pull out the hat first and say "Oh, a hat. What might you celebrate wearing a hat like this," etc. 
Prop Source: Midlee Birthday Present Find a Toy Dog Toy
I do want to acknowledge that not all people celebrate birthdays so that is something to be aware of and sensitive to as you plan programs in a public library but I did want to share an option since many of my blog readers come from a variety of settings where they work with children and it can be difficult to find a variety of materials on birthday activities.