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Youth Programming Ideas from Spring Institute 2013

On Friday, Sara, Anna, and I presented "The Time-Crunch Librarian: Low-Cost, High-Yield Programming to Save your Sanity" at the Michigan Library Association's Spring Institute Conference. During our presentation, we collected index cards with attendees' favorite current programs from their libraries. We also brought some random junk that we had out to see what kind of programs they might inspire. I promised to collect all of the suggestions into one post, which you are currently reading. I can't really elaborate on any of the ideas, as all I have to go on are what people wrote down, sorry! I added some notes in italics.

Favorite Current Craft or Programs   Grab bag crafts (Use up old craft supplies/kits)Butcher block paper muralsToddler dance partyLego Creation Day (drop-in, make something, put up on display within the library)Rubber stamps (can use over and over)Pet Parade Storytime (March around the library with dressed up pets, prizes, a story, and photo booth…

Shelf Challenge 2013

Since I started a new job on April 1st, I thought joining the 2013 Shelf Challenge would be a great way to start learning my new collection. If you're not familiar with Shelf Challenge, it's run by Matthew Winner (a 2013 Mover and Shaker, woot!) to celebrate School Library Month. In Matthew's words, here's how it works:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Select a section of your library collection to read throughout the month of April. 
Make it manageable and appealing. (I'm planning to read the all of the "H" books in our everybody section, which will include Henkes and maybe some other unexpected favorites.)Try to read every book in that section over the course of the month. For everybody books, read them cover to cover. For fiction, read the dust jackets or back cover descriptions. For Nonfiction/Informational, choose a section of Dewey and go nuts.Share selected gems (and cringes) through a favorite social media outlet, such as ShelfariGoodR…

The First Day of School

Today is the first day of School Library Month*. It's also my first day at my new job! I wanted to talk about School Library Month because I never would have become a librarian without the librarian at my school. I am from a small town in Michigan and from 4th-12th grade, I had the same librarian, Mrs. Gould. I remember my first day in 4th grade when I walked into the elementary school library. Mrs. Gould read us Lon Po Po and (here goes my street cred) it scared the daylights out of me. From then on, "library" was my favorite class.

In high school, Mrs. Gould picked me to be her aide in the junior/senior high library, where I learned how to use a typewriter for the first time to fix spine labels. I used an ILS program to check out materials to my friends and classmates. I shelved some books, possibly some even correctly. It was a great way to spend a few hours each week. Mrs. Gould retired shortly after my graduation.

In college, I remembered how much I had liked worki…