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Letter Monster Magnet board

Letter Monster Magnet Board

Letter Monster wanted to read.
He thought if he ate letters, it was all he would need!

On Monday he ate A B C.
"MMMM, they taste so good to me!"

On Tuesday, he chomped D E F G
"Eating letters is fun as can be!"

On Wednesday, he nibbled on on H I J K.
"More letters, more letters, is what I say!" 

On Thursday, he feasted on L M N O
"Letters are so good, you know!" 

On Friday, he swallowed P Q R S T U.
"I think letters are good for you!" 

On Saturday, he gobbled V W X and Y
"I'm almost finished," he sighed. 

On Sunday he slowly ate the Z.
Then he fell asleep and caught some more zzzzz's.  

Source notes: This is an activity left by one of my former coworkers. The only source note left with it was an email address so I Googled the words and found them on Dr. Jean's site, with the patterns to make it is a file folder story. There is also an alternate version with different words from Dr. Jean. That second …

Five Green and Speckled Frogs Prop Rhyme

Recently I was at our local Dollar Tree picking up supplies for another program. I like to wander around and just see what catches my eye that could be useful for storytime or to build a different program around. I spotted these little frogs in the bath toys and thought they would be perfect to do a prop version of Five Green and Speckled Frogs with!

I plan to set them on the magnetic shelf our storytime room's easel has, but they could easily sit on the edge of a table or a book cart, whatever you have handy. When the frogs jump into the pool, just push them off. 
The frogs come in a set of 3 for $1 per set. So I now have 6 frogs! I will store the 5 for this rhyme together and the 6th one will go in my random animals box for when I need miscellaneous animals to fill out an idea, as in Little Gnome Hide and Seek
In addition to the frogs, Dollar Tree has very similar ducks.

Crayons in the Box Song

Crayons in the Box Song Tune: Five Little Ducks
Song Source: Not Just Cute
Prop Source: Zippy Paws dog toy from Amazon.

So many crayons in the box for you, Red ones, orange ones, blue ones too. But the one little color that rhymes with (head) It’s my favorite color, it’s the color….(red!)(Hesitate at the end so the kiddos can fill in with the mystery color!)
This is an item I bought to update our Colors storytime tub for our library system!