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Come to Play, Big White Snowfriend

Come to Play, Big White Snowfriend!
Inspired by Ed Emberly’s Go Away, Big Green Monster
Adapted by Anne Clark
Place all of the magnetboard pieces below in order, starting at the bottom and working your way up (See picture) If necessary, omit some to fit your space better. J Big white Snowfriend has 3 big belly buttons, 1 soft green scarf,
1 snazzy red bow tie,
1 goofy black smile,
1 crunchy orange carrot nose,

2 rosy pink cheeks,
2 coal black eyes,
And 1 warm wool hat.
Big White Snowfriend has come to play! Yay! Pause and ask the kids what kind of things would be fun to play with a snowfriend. Possible suggestions: sledding, skiing, ice-skating, snowball fights, etc. After a few, continue…
Oh no! all the snow is melting, so… Goodbye, warm wool hat, etc. (say goodbye to all of the pieces in the reverse order that they were placed, starting with the hat at the topand ending with the buttons on the bottom)
And please come back next winter! See you then, old friend!
The snowman magnets are …

Browsing at the Library

Earlier today, I saw a post in the Storytime Underground Facebook group, that someone was looking for a draw and tell story about books, libraries, etc. I don't know of any so I thought I would try writing one. In the spirit of encouraging library staff to write their own original material, here's a rough draft, you could embellish this any way you like.

It's called "Browsing at the Library," and the finished image is a line drawing of a book, enjoy! There are two versions: one with detailed drawing instructions (page 2) and one with just the images and text (page 1)