Kitty Gets Dressed Magnetboard

I spotted this very cute Learning Weather Magnetic Activity Set on sale and knew it would be cute for storytimes. In lieu of adding it to our storytime tubs, I've decided to add it to my stash of preschool visit activities so I can put together a visit more efficiently. I don't do many of these visits due to the nature of my current position being more administrative/project-management than a traditional children's librarian job so it's nice to have a few go-to activities handy.

The kitten backgrounds are not magnetic on their own, FYI, so I plan to laminate them and use magnets temporarily to keep them up on our storytime easel.

There are lots of ways to use this set. I love its versatility! I did write an activity to go with it that I'm calling "Kitty Gets Dressed"

Kitty Gets Dressed
Tune: Frere Jacques
It is snowing, it is snowing.
What to wear? What to wear?
Kitty needs a warm coat,
Kitty needs a warm coat
On today.
Repeat with snowboots, mittens, and hat.

It is raining/ Kitty needs a rain coat…
Repeat with hat, umbrella, rain boots

It is sunny/Kitty needs a swimsuit
Repeat with sunglasses or goggles, ice cream

It is windy/Kitty needs a hoodie

Repeat with red jeans, sneakers

In addition, there are several wonderful activities in Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker that would work with some minor tweaks. Look in the "All About Me" chapter for "Am I Ready to Go," "Getting Dressed from Head to Toe," or "When Do I Wear It?"

More simply, you could have so many conversations with preschoolers where you show them the backgrounds or clothing and ask them what time of year it looks like and why they think so, what type of clothes the cat could wear, do you have weather like snow where you live, etc?

In addition to using these in storytime, I think it would be very cute to leave some of these pieces (the ones big enough to not be choking hazards) out in a classroom or library. They are nice and sturdy.