Feelings Bear Magnetboard

I am developing an All About Me storytime tub to rotate throughout our library system. While doing some online shopping for props, I spotted this Learning Emotions Magnetic Activity set* through Oriental Trading.  I wrote a song to go with it. 

Feelings Bear Magnetboard
Tune: Frere Jacques
Adapted by Anne Clark

How’s Bear feeling? How’s Bear feeling?
__name of emotion__ today?
__name of emotion___ today?
Everyone has feelings. Everyone has feelings.
Bear is __name of emotion____.
Bear is __name of emotion____.

Feelings included: glad, sad, mad, and sick

*The song sticks to basic emotions for simplicity's sake but you could certainly include more than the 4 feelings I have chosen to include in our rotating tub for this set. Space is at a premium inside.

Also, please note that the set includes "happy" as a feeling which we re-named as "glad" to fit the rhythm of the song better. We typed up a new label and taped it over.  The font we picked (Berlin Sans FB in size 105) is not an exact match but is very close.