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"Get a Clue!" Mystery Storytime

I had my first official program duty at work today (a Family Reading Night at the school--a monthly outreach thing that we do). It was a mystery theme, to go along with (and promote) the Summer Reading Club. It was definitely a learning experience.

First of all, I learned that I perhaps have NOT picked the wrong career entirely as I had a great time and people seemed to enjoy themselves. The last book that I read, in particular, was a great crowd-pleaser.

Here is the general outline of what went on:
Introduced myself
Read Jake Gander: Storyville Detective in the Case of the Greedy Nanny by George McClements
Read Where's the Big Bad Wolf? By Eileen Christelow

Did craft (made detective hats and magnifying glasses)

Read The Search for the Perfect Child by Jan Fearly

Read Mystery Mansion by Michael Garland. This one was a big hit, and by the end of the book, I had what WERE very shy children at the onset of the program half-crawling into my lap to look at the illustrations. This would m…