Down By the Lily Pad

I'm tweaking a few of our curated storytime tubs and so I decided to split our Fish/Pond/Beach and Pirates tubs into Fish/Pond and Ocean/Pirates. But then I needed to beef up the pond content, so I came up with this lily pad activity.

Down by the Lily Pad
I'm swimming by a lovely, little lily pad,
Lovely little lily pad.
And this is what I am...
A fish!

I'm hopping on (frog), flying by (dragonfly), etc. 

Change the words to suit whatever puppets or stuffed animals you have. You can put down a tarp or sheet to make them look more like a pond!

If you don't like the rhyme, adapt the idea as a guessing game. Who might fly by a lily pad? Who might hop onto a lily pad? Have a conversation with the kiddos.

This could also be adapted to a flannel board.

Prop Sources: Floating Foam Lotus Leaves (pack of 6) and Artificial Floating Foam Lotus Flowers (pack of 4)

I also want to draw some attention to the wonderful resources that the Wisconsin Water Library has put together. I'm not in Wisconsin, but I stumbled upon this awesome treasure trove thanks to a fortuitous Google search. They have awesome STEM kits with science and literacy activities. As of this writing in December 2018, the available kits were on ponds, frogs, and boats/buoyancy.