Starting Stop Motion Animation Technology class for kids

A few weeks ago, I did a 1 hr workshop on the (very) basics of stop motion animation for kids. It seemed like all the program plans I found online for this type of program were for much longer time frames, but I felt like an hour was sufficient as long as everyone knew in advance we were making mini-movies (less than 30 seconds). The kids took to the app right away and were so creative!

If you are interested in my program outline, you can read it via Google Documents. The YouTube playlist I put together for the program introduction is here. I did not make any of the videos featured on the playlist but I do want to say thanks to the creators who did. 

We used iPads with the free version of Stop Motion Studio for this program.

I hope to do a similar version of this for families in summer of 2019. It was really fun! 


  1. You might like this iPad holder we came up with for our stop motion classes.


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