Crayons in the Box Song

Crayons in the Box Song
Tune: Five Little Ducks
Song Source: Not Just Cute
Prop Source: Zippy Paws dog toy from Amazon.

So many crayons in the box for you,
Red ones, orange ones, blue ones too.
But the one little color that rhymes with (head)
It’s my favorite color, it’s the color….(red!)  (Hesitate at the end so the kiddos can fill in with the mystery color!)

This is an item I bought to update our Colors storytime tub for our library system!


  1. Adorable! Now I want to make a crayon flannel and adapt the lyrics a bit so kids have to finish the rhyme for each color we take out of the box... hmmm...

    Storytime in the Stacks


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