"Dig Into Reading" Ideas

Truth: When you're a childen's librarian, summer is always on your mind. Alas, not the many hours you'll be logging at the beach, but the dread of summer reading program approaching. I've already started writing Flannel Friday posts to fit the "Dig Into Reading" collaborative summer reading program theme and I thought I would link them into one place for easy sharing. To make it easier on myself, I linked upcoming posts so if you try to go to one marked with an upcoming date, you will be disappointed! The Flannel Friday crew will be having a SRP Extravaganza roundup sometime in March, so watch for that (exact date TBD). 

Eating (as in Dig Into That Pizza)
Five Little Apples Flannel Board Rhyme
Lunch by Denise Fleming Flannel Board Story
Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich by Shel Silverstein Prop Story Coming 2/8/13
A Soup Opera by Jim Gill Puppet Story Coming 2/15/13
Tina's Tasty Treat Draw and Tell Story
Yummy Watermelons
Five Little Flowers
The Field of Boliauns Flannel Board Story
The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip Flannel Board Story
Jane's Garden Draw and Tell Story 
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Puppet Coming 2/1/13
Nobody Likes Me Flannel Board Song 

Hide and Seek
I Have a Little Pocket Game
Little Moon Flannel Board Game
Little Mouse, Little Mouse Flannel Board Game
Snowball, Snowball Flannel Board Game

The Ant and the Grasshopper Shadow Puppets Coming 1/25/13
Gnome Game Coming 1/14/13
Little Worm Hide and Seek Flannel Board Game
Nobody Likes Me Flannel Board Song 
The Rat's Daughter


  1. This is really unrelated, but I would love if you posted sometime about how you create your images. I know (think?) you can do it with just the basic Paint program, but I wouldn't know where to start!

  2. Amy--Here's one way:

  3. Love this. I am using the whole gnome theme in my summer reading program too. I will put a small gnome in some of the books around. If someone finds him, they get a chance to win the larger gnome. I want to add a picture of them onto our wall and give the finder a golden coin.


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