Mary Mary, Quite Contrary Puppet

Remember my Five Little Pumpkins Craft Stick Puppets from way back before Halloween? Well, what I didn't tell you then is that I actually use that same box for three different rhymes: that one; Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; and Humpty Dumpty (coming soon to a Flannel Friday near you!). 

The words, as I learned them, are below. Wikipedia, as always, has an interesting article about all the different variations of this rhyme, most changing the last line. 

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Mary, Mary, quite contrary. 
How does your garden grow? 
Silver bells and cockle-shells,
nd marigolds all in a row. 

I made the stems of the puppets by hot gluing felt to a craft stick. The flower petals are left over from a duct-tape flip-flop program last summer. The flowers grow as I slide the craft sticks through slits in the bottom of the box. Since my dinosaur finger puppet is in the background, let's pretend she's Mary. 

"Mary, Mary" is a lesser-known nursery rhyme, but I think it's time we brought it back. This would tie in nicely with storytime themes like spring, gardens, flowers, or even this summer's Dig Into Reading national theme. 

Puppet inspired by Nancy Renfro's Storytelling with Puppets


  1. I like the growing idea through the box. (Your "Mary" is quite cute too.)


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