Jane's Garden Draw and Tell Story

Here's another draw-and-tell story! This one, "Jane's Garden," I wrote for summer reading 2013. The theme will be "Dig Into Reading." I hope you like it! 

Jane loved to plant seeds in the spring. She would walk all around her garden gently placing them in the ground. When she was finished, she went back into her house. 

Three times, she watered the ground where she had planted in the seeds. 

Then all she could do was wait. But that didn’t stop her from walking back and forth, up and down the garden, to check on the seeds.

One day Jane’s patience paid off! She saw that a flower had begun to bloom where she had planted the seeds.

Do you know what kind of flower it was?

A rose! Good job!


  1. Love it! I am still having a hard time coming up with ideas for next summer.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I've got a few ideas for SRP coming up, so stay posted! :)

  3. except roses typically aren't grown from seeds...

  4. I wondered if anyone would call me out on that! Yes, it's not typical but it is possible, so I took a little artistic license for the preschoolers.


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