Lunch by Denise Fleming

Today's Flannel Friday is Lunch by Denise Fleming. I tell this story using the flannel board and a little mouse puppet (sadly, not pictured, but I think it's this one). As the mouse in the story eats his way through a lunch buffet, the puppet snags the food off the board with his mouth.

This is a nice story to tell for a beginner or anyone who has my inability to memorize. Basically "Mouse was very hungry. He was so hungry he ate some _______________________________" and then "he took a nap until (pause for suspense) DINNERTIME!"

According to my notes, I got the patterns from Toddler Storytimes II. I no longer have a copy of this book, so I can't share them.  You could use coloring sheets off the Internet as inspiration. You could also use print clipart and laminate it. I might try this with play food in the future.

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  1. Oh, I like the idea of interacting with a puppet! I've never done that before, but that sounds like a really fun idea!

  2. It's fun to make muncha muncha muncha sounds while said mouse eats said veggies (which are really cute by the way).

  3. This idea is going to save my storytime this coming Monday! Thanks! I just could NOT think of any good ideas. I don't normally do preschool storytime, so I'm always curious about adding in some interactive fun (I normally do baby storytime, and their needs are a bit different!). Can't wait to make my lunch items. :)


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