Yummy Watermelons

While it's hardly watermelon season here, it's always nice in the middle of winter to think summery thoughts! Since I will be on maternity leave for most of the summer, I thought I'd share this simple flannel rhyme now, Yummy Watermelons by Shelley Lovett (of childcareland.com). 

Yummy, yummy watermelon...I love watermelon!

I had a piece of watermelon at breakfast. 
I had another piece of watermelon when I was playing outside.
Read the rest of the poem and find the patterns here. 


  1. Love it and can't wait to use it for a Fruit and Veggies theme! And, congratulations about the baby--so exciting!

  2. Yay! Congrats on your new baby :)
    And cute watermelon slices too :)


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