Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Worm Hide and Seek

"Little Worm Hide and Seek" is a game I dreamed up on the reference desk Wednesday night. I am a big fan of felt board games like Little Mouse and Snowball, Snowball. Another game that I came up with is forthcoming on March 30th, which is when we will share ideas for the "Dream Big--READ!" summer reading theme.

Little Worm Hide and Seek
"Little Worm" can be played (at least!) two ways. One is to make a bunch of apples in different colors similar to Little Mouse and Snowball, Snowball. Another way, which I thought up just now while typing this post, would be to use felt food pieces (like in this earlier Flannel Friday), and have the kids guess the type of fruit or veggie the worm is hiding under. I like this idea better.

Little Worm Hide and Seek
Little worm playing hide and seek.
Are you under the __name OR color of fruit___ 
Let's take a peek! 

For this one, I modified clipart from the OpenClipArt library. Since all of their content is licensed through Creative Commons, I can share the PDF I made with you. I already have a set of felt apples that I intend to use for this rhyme so I only made one apple and worm to make sure the pattern worked decently.

I'm hosting Flannel Friday today, yay! Please leave a comment on the roundup post from earlier this morning if you're participating. I'll have the roundup available by Saturday morning at the latest.


Like this one, Anne! I do a worm program most springs, and this would be a great addition.

I definitely like the idea of using different fruits and veggies. Will definitely use this one if I ever get around to a food-themed storytime, though it'll also work well with bugs, apples, seasons, etc. Thanks, Anne!

I had a volunteer make me something similar; I think I saw the idea in an old Totline book, and included it in our circulating Apples story kit. I pulled it out for storytime one day (last minute planning, I'm embarrassed to say) and the kids and caregivers thought it was a lot of fun.

Another great way to do fruits and veggies. Looks like fun!

I love this rhyme -- it's going to be a great way to adapt into tons of different storytime themes!

I love this idea! I've been borrowing ideas from Flannel Friday for quite some time and I think I'm ready to take the plunge and share some of my own work ;) I posted my elephant finger puppets over at


This is flippin' fantastic!

Love it! Little Mouse is always a favorite at my storytime sessions and I can totally see them loving this one too. You could even tie it in with Very Hungry Caterpillar and have the worm hidden under the different foods. :)

awesome! i love this one! i'll put this one on my todo list

I really liked this--a great one to make and use with many different themes...I love getting multiple uses out of one flannel board!

Fun! I always see to end up doing vegetable themes, but maybe I should try a fruit theme with this. Guessing games are always a hit at story time.

Cute and good idea. He sort of looks like Lowly Worm!

Love this...I will use it in my toddler time.