Two Little Garden Gnomes

Two Little Garden Gnomes
This is a variation on “Two Little Blackbirds”
 Two little garden gnomes
Playing in the snow
One was Fast
And the other was Slowwwwww

Run away Fast
Run away Slow
Come back Fast
Come back Slow

Other pairs:
  • Rolling down the hill/named Jack and Jill
  • By the garden gate/named Early and Late
  • Flying in the sky/named Low and High
  • Sitting on a lily, named Serious and Silly

The garden gnomes are from a Zippy Paws dog toy set (link). I use the same gnomes (and their mushroom home) for a Little Gnome Hide and Seek game. This will be a realia option in my library system's fairy tales storytime tub that rotates among our branches.

Thank you to King County Library System for the wording inspiration


  1. My older kiddos love 2 Little Blackbirds (and all variations) so I'm always on the lookout for piggybacks! Love this one! :) I love having 5 different verses so we can practice using each of our fingers.

    I really want to come up with an opposites counterpart rhyme for playing in the dirt... but so far all I've got is sleepy and alert??? 🤷

    Storytime in the Stacks

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I like sleepy and alert!

    What about "rolling on the ground/one is square and one is round" or "playing on the lawn/one is some other color and one is brown"

    I do a lot of Google searches for "words that rhyme with ___________" HAHA


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