Little Gnome Hide and Seek

I decided to plagiarize my own flannelboard, Little Worm (that I posted way back in 2011), and adapt it to a prop rhyme featuring gnomes! This will be a new addition to our Fairy Tales storytime, and would be a great fit for those of you using the "Imagine Your Story" 2020 Summer Reading Program theme.

Little Gnome Hide and SeekLittle gnome playing hide and seek.
Little gnome are you in the mushroom home?
Let’s take a peek!

Pull out one of the non-gnome stuffies “by accident” before finding the gnome. Repeat the rhyme until you find that elusive gnome!

I suggest holding the mushroom house upside down to load the stuffed animals, and start with the gnome. I used a selection of misc. toys that I keep (the endangered animals are old Happy Meal toys) at the library once my kids are done playing with them. 

Like many of my props, the gnomes and mushroom house are Zippy Paws dog toys. Here is a direct link for the Zippy Paws webpage for the gnomes. As of this writing, I couldn't find this toy set on Amazon, like many of the others I have posted have been available.