Tween Book Club: The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

The March selection for my tween book club was The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen, one of my favorite adventure stories. These book club meetings are really starting to be fun to plan and I really enjoy spending time with all the kids in the group. They all loved this book!

Icebreaker: Word Search from Scholastic UK

Discussion Questions: I printed off questions from Scholastic's Mother-Daughter Book Club and this blog post. Honestly, this month I barely needed to glance at them since the kids loved this book and talked forever about it. They compared it to The Hunger Games and some other books they have read (or want to read). It was a wonderful, organic discussion.

Activity: At the last meeting, the girls requested that we play Don't Blow the Joker and Book Scramble again (both from or inspired by our Minute to Win It program), so we did. Next month I will try some other games, but they really want to master Don't Blow the Joker. I think they will be practicing at home.

The kids also enjoyed seeing the UK covers which I printed off Amazon's UK site and we compared them to the American book covers. One of the boys said the UK covers looked more "YA" and action-orientated, which I agree with. I think the American covers look more middle grade than the others. They also were interested in the subtle differences between the paperback and hardcover edition covers.

When I was looking for ideas, Rebecca sent me her plan for her Knights and Castles program. Some of the activities would be a great way to extend the Medieval theme of this book.

In April we will be reading No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman, one of my favorite middle grade authors. I couldn't find a book trailer for this story that I liked, unfortunately.