Fall Writing Center Activities

As I did for the summer, here's a quick rundown of what our monthly prompts for the fall were at the Writing Center in my department:

September is when the kids go back to school (here in Michigan, we have a state law that mandates the first day of public school be after Labor Day with a few exceptions) , so we asked them what their favorite part of the school day was. You probably guessed that lunch and recess ranked pretty high, but a lot of kids said math too!

In October, the kids told us what their favorite costume to dress up in was and in November, we asked what the kids were most thankful for: For some reason, I don't have photos of either of those months! Oops.

Since it's December already, the current question is "What is your favorite memory of 2013?". There have been some very sweet ones!


  1. Hi! I know this is a rather late comment, but I was wondering where you got that play mailbox? This display is wonderful, and at my library we've been wracking our brains as to how to get kids to submit art/projects without them getting strewn everywhere. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dee Dee, it's from Lakeshore Learning. It is a few years old though so I am not sure if they still carry them.


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