Summer Writing Center Activities

My new library has a small Writing Center complete with a pretend mailbox. Each month (ummm, roughly...) we change the suggested activity out. After June, I decided to experiment with using the Ellison machine to cut the papers for the kids' answers. I love the visual effect this has had in that small, dark nook!

In June, the kids told us what one thing that they "dig" was for our "Dig Into Reading" summer reading program.

In July, the kids told us what they would name a pet dinosaur if they had one:

In August, we asked the kids what their favorite ice cream cone flavor was. I'm proud to say that Superman ice cream remains a favorite. The kids are OK.

As you can see, we kept the background orange paper and balloon border up. It's really difficult to change the paper in particular given the small space that you have to work with in this spot. 


  1. This is such a great idea!!

  2. I definitely like the die cuts and may "borrow" this idea. We are having good luck this month with "Don't Let the Pigeon". Sometime soon it will make it up on the blog. :)


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