Beach Storytime

My new library system creates themed tubs and sends them to the branches each week for storytime*.  The tubs are created by 2 of our intrepid youth services staff members at one of our other branches. They always include some fun stories and activities I haven't seen before, so I love this approach for expanding my storytime repertoire. I always use a few things, but then I supplement the tub's contents with my favorite stories as well.

 I'm lucky to work at a big branch that has two other staff members who do storytimes. I'm assigned the 2's and 3's groups (3 per week). This week I also covered the 4's and 5's and all-ages family storytime for a colleague who was off for a few days. I did just about the same things with each group.

This past week's theme was fish/beach/pond.



The Waves on the Lake
The waves on the lake go up and down, 
Up and down, up and down
The waves on the lake go up and down
All through the day. 

The fish in the lake go swim, swim, swim...
The turtles on the lake go snap, snap, snap... 
The swimmers in the lake go splash, splash, splash... 
The ducks on the lake go quack, quack, quack...
The seaweed in the lake goes sway, sway, sway...

*My first library system also used this approach when I worked there, but since my last library system only had 1 branch that did storytimes regularly, I was on my own with creating storytime plans.