Storytelling: "BINGO!" by Dr. Jean

I thought it would be fun to post storytelling ideas. For the inagural post, I am highly recommending Dr. Jean's story "Bingo" a tell and draw story.

The gist of the story is that Bingo has run away, but don't worry, (spoiler alert) he is found at the end. You start by drawing:

 and at the end you will have drawn:

I have told this story to preschool classes, my regular storytime group, and even a Cub Scout troop, and all have enjoyed it. "Bingo" would be great for a beginning librarian to learn the art of storytelling. It's easy to draw and memorize, making it a wonderful story to tell any audience.

When I tell this one at an outreach visit, I bring a portable white board (and a marker, obviously) with me. You could also bring a chalkboard and chalk, but that's a little messy for me. A big sheet of chart paper and a marker is a good substitute.

This story pairs perfectly with that old classic song about a dog named Bingo. Although you might not want to use what Wikipedia claims is an additional verse:

The farmer lov'd a cup of good ale,
He call'd it rare good stingo,
The farmer lov'd a cup of good ale,
He call'd it rare good stingo.
S—T with an I — I with an N,
N with a G — G with an O;
He call'd it rare good stingo:
He call'd it rare good stingo

Other good storytime elements are Pete the Cat and "Soft Kitty" from the Big Bang Theory.

Detailed instructions are here.


  1. Oh this is fantastic! I've never seen it before! Could you fax me the sheet? I was planning a doggie storytime next week and this would be perfect! I found you via Melissa Depper. :D

    My library's fax number: 803-202-3588

  2. I would also like to get a copy of the story! My fax number at work is 503-988-5479

    Thank you so much!

  3. Faxes have gone out! I hope you all enjoy this story. It's a fun one!

  4. I learned this story (or one similar to it) when I was little. I LOVE draw and tells because they offer a spring board for so much stuff (linking words, tenses, vocab words, etc)


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