Trouble at the North Pole: A Christmas Draw and Tell Story

Here's another original Draw and Tell by yours truly! Today my fellow Flannel Friday-ers are all sharing holiday stories and I've decided to join them with "Trouble at the North Pole!" 

Trouble at the North Pole
By Anne Clark

It was Christmas Eve and all of Santa’s toys were ready to be packed up in the sleigh. They were in big piles like this.

The elves put all the piles into one big bag like this.

It was too heavy for the elves to carry, so Mrs. Claus and Santa each grabbed a side of the bag like this.

The bag was so heavy, the two of them struggled to carry it!  To make things worse, the snow was falling so thick at the North Pole that they kept getting lost! The Clauses kept taking the wrong path, so their tracks in the snow looked like this.

Finally they found the sleigh! “Good luck, Santa!” said Mrs. Claus and she gave him a kiss!  

Santa threw the bag in the sleigh, buckled his seatbelt, and yelled “Merry Christmas!” as he and his team took off into the night, flying all over the world like this.

And leading the reindeer team was…. RUDOLPH!

The End!

I'm providing a free PDF of Trouble at the North Pole with the words and drawing instructions. I'd love it if you included it in any of your programs or storytime plans, giving me credit, of course.

Last year I shared Rudolph, Rudolph.

Happy Holidays!


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