Flannel Friday Holiday Extravaganza: Rudolph, Rudolph

Super excited for Flannel Friday's Holiday Extravaganza today! My contribution is a fun version of "Rudolph, Rudolph!" wherein Rudolph the Reindeer's nose(s) is the wrong color! If you follow the Flannel Friday Facebook group, you already knew I was going to post this, so sorry I didn't surprise you and come up with something completely different!

Rudolph with some failed noses and the winner!
A felt play set of "Rudolph, Rudolph" would make a great homemade Christmas gift! This could be fun to do at a Sunday School class as well. I do think it it is appropriate it for library programs, but my personal preference is to advertise in advance if a storytime will include references to Christmas and other religious holidays.

Here's the first verse:
Rudolph, Rudolph!
What will you do? 

You can't guide Santa,
If your nose is blue! 

The idea and the words came from Oopsey-Daisy. My version is milk filter with pom-poms for the noses. They have Velcro (actual brand name Velcro!) strips on the back. Of course, after I made the whole thing, I realized it would be a lot sturdier and more durable to make it as a magnet board story. So, that would be my suggestion for you if you make a version for storytime.You know how that kind of thing occurs to you only after you've finished it a different way that was probably harder and more time consuming? Story of my life.

This is going to be my last Flannel Friday post for the year due to an incredibly busy December at work and at home. So I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and thank you for reading my blog this year. I have been incredibly touched and overwhelmed by the many positive comments and emails I have received in 2011. I hope to really knock your socks off in 2012. Unless the world ends. In which case, all bets are off. So many cliches in this paragraph!

Today's Holiday Extravaganza roundup will be over at Loons and Quines. Can't wait to see everyone's posts! 


  1. Thanks for being so gracious since I copied your idea, but it was SUCH a good one (and a great deal of fun to make)!


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