Imagination Storytime

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For the winter storytime session, I have been challenging myself to use as many new picture books as possible. I sometimes feel that I rely too heavily on my old favorites and while there is always room for them, I've enjoyed trying some of the great 2011 and 2012 books showing up from processing. Two of them inspired last week's Imagination-themed storytime.

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle
That's How by Christoph Niemann
The Game of Light by Herve Tullet This is a really fun board book designed to be used with a flashlight to make shadows in different shapes on the wall. Check it out! The kids got a kick out of being in the library in the dark. I had them lie on their backs and look up at the ceiling. I asked a parent to hold the flashlight for me so I could focus on reading the words and manipulating the book so the images would be seen. I had to try a few different flashlights (FOUR) before I found one bright enough. 

I didn't quite realize until after I was done reading that all three of these books are pretty short. So if anyone has any suggestions of  titles that would go well with these, please leave them in the comments!

For the art activity afterwards, I gave the kids each a sheet of chart paper and let them draw their little hearts out. I am really trying to focus more on the process of making art than trying to recreate a product made by an adult.

I always start my storytimes with the same rhymes: "Open, Shut Them" and "Let's Hear You Roar Like a Lion" but for the winter session I'm using "Snowball, Snowball" instead of "Little Mouse" for our felt board game.


  1. Could you use "Harold and the Purple Crayon"? I've used the Harold stories in book form and flannel in my storytimes.

  2. Also, for another art/craft activity, put out a bunch of different sized scrap paper and let them create. Windblown by Edouard Manceau goes great w/ this activity and theme. Clay or playdough is another great medium to just let them create with, too.


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