Flannel Friday Roundup for November 4, 2011

**In case you missed yesterday's announcement about Flannel Friday's plans for a holiday extravaganza and a holiday break, please make sure you read that post, as well. 

Also, I don't think anyone has ever mentioned this before, but we tend to use blogger's first names when compiling the roundup, so it is super helpful if you have your first name (or a pseudonym like Loons and Quines) that we can refer to you by. Otherwise, by default, if you make cute flannelboards, I'm probably going to think that your name is Katie. I am just speaking for myself here, but if your name isn't Katie (lovely name that it is), maybe you don't want to get credit as a Katie. I would also suggest having an About page with contact info (Twitter account and/or email address, etc.), in case the host has any questions or needs to get in touch.  **

On to the roundup!

Alison shares How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun, originally a story necklace (such a neat presentation idea). 

Angela dives into "We Dove Into the Ocean"  and shares the rest of her plan for an ocean-themed storytime.

Awesome Storytime has 5 Enormous Dinosaurs, and I am thrilled to learn that someone else's favorite dino is the under-appreciated stegosaurus. Everyone seemed to be a velociraptor or T. Rex fan at my elementary school.

Andrea and I were both thinking of Thanksgiving: Turkey Feathers! Our songs are slightly different. Here's hers and mine.

Carissa has a fun bilingual version of Let's Play in the Forest. She also shared her super cute pattern. I plan to make a milk filter version myself, so thank you, Carissa!

Cate made an adorable frog life cycle felt board and now needs your help working it into storytime. As this is partially my fault for pinning the inspiration (my bad), I feel responsible. Absolve me of my guilt! 

Erin has lost her baby kangaroo! Oh no! Kids can you ask "Baby Kangaroo, Where Are You?" 

Katie at Storytime Secrets has a flannel version of Raffi's "Thanks a Lot," which is great because I have found that a lot of parents aren't familiar with Raffi but really enjoy his music after being introduced to it in storytime.

Katie at Recipe for Reading flannelized one of my favorite picture books: A Hat for Minerva Louise. You'll want to make this for any upcoming winter storytimes! Also, how adorable is her felt Minerva? Awwwww.

Storytime Katie has adorable blackbird finger puppets. More awwww. (Also, see what I mean about all the Katies?)

Library Lady shares the Witch's Hat and also her theory of what makes something flannel-worthy (or not).

More dinosaurs over at Liz's blog today! 5 Little Dinosaurs, to be precise.

Loons and Quines made the most adorable felt version of Pirate Pete. Kids love pirates, which you already knew. Probably everyone loves pirates, except cruise ship operators.

By request, Mary has posted a puffy paint master class, so you can study up on your technique. Honestly, puffy paint has been kind of a disaster for me, personally, so I can appreciate her skills.

Meghan has two feltboards from her jungle storytime.

Melissa shares a pattern for a felt version of The Tortoise and the Hare.

Mollie has 5 Little Fishies Swimming in the Sea but (SPOILER ALERT) they do not pay the ultimate price.

Moxie is playing Tooth Fairy, a guessing game similar to Little Mouse, Little Mouse.

Sarah at Read Rabbit Read flannelized Spot and Friends Dress Up. Does anyone else have a soft spot for Spot? I was a big fan back in my own childhood.

Sarah from Read it Again flannelized what I have found to be a perpetual crowd pleaser: Dear Zoo. 

Sharon explores the galaxy with 5 Little Aliens. 

Also this week, Cate over at Storytime posted a roundup of different Flannel Friday participants' process for deciding if a story or idea would be a good flannelboard. I intend to talk about this at some point too.

That's it for now! Or at least I hope so! I will keep adding posts as I get them, through tonight. If you are unable to get your post to me by the end of the day today, please hold onto it for next week's Flannel Friday, which will be hosted by Sharon.

If I missed your post, please leave a (polite) comment and accept my apologies in advance. If I accidentally changed your name to Katie, let me know that too. Unless you want to be a Katie. That you'll have to take up with the DMV and Social Security. And possibly your parents.

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  1. I was a Katie until I was 5. My full first name is Mary Kathleen, and my mom always intended for me to be called Katie. When I was 5 I went to Kindergarten and informed the teachers my name was Mary. I made everybody start calling me Mary. I've been Mary ever since.

  2. Hi Anne! I actually remembered to do a post this week! Yay me! http://wp.me/p1FKXD-30

  3. I'm in this week. Try this link ... I couldn't get it to copy on my phone is.gd/570CIq. If that doesnt work ... It's my last @readingchick COmment. Thanks

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  5. Didn't put my link in my comment so deleted it. Sorry. Weird night at my house...

    There are at least 36 diminutives for my given name. I have gone by one of them all my life and always introduce myself as such, otherwise people call me by the one they THINK is the usual nickname!

    Been thinking a lot about flannels this week and have a post and a film that demos "The Witch's Hat". Know it's too late for this Halloween, but it really shows my theory of flannelization!

  6. I've got a half-baked flannel board this week. Suggestions will be greeted with open arms! Flannel Friday: Froggy Metamorphosis http://wp.me/p17lrO-dp

  7. Well, I tried again.. please send instructions on how to post other than Twitter...

    Love this sharing!


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