Monday, September 20, 2010

Do you Dewey?

One of the first projects I wanted to tackle when starting my current job was updating the Dewey posters we have hanging in the kids' nonfiction section. After two years, I've given up on finding a commercially produced product that I like enough to purchase and have started to make my own. This has been a really fun project so far!

And a sneak peek of a few scrapbooking-inspired ones that I have started (still have some work to do--some of these aren't even glued down--, but was excited to share!):


Nice! I love that microscope on the Science sign - well done!

Now, that is clever! I love the idea of using scrap-booking materials for graphics. We're stuck in a Word rut... using clip art. But using ellison dies (and we have loads of them) and other cut outs really makes things look current and contemporary. thanks for sharing.

I'm a second grade teacher and love your update to the system. I'd love to organize my classroom library but I have maybe 3 shelves worth of books. Would you suggest organizing using dewey... or another way? Thanks for sharing your creativity!

-Alison Korecki

Anne & Sharon-- Thanks! I will be sure to post an update when/if I ever get these finished! Hoping to do some more this week still.

Alison--My short answer is that I probably wouldn't use Dewey on that small of a collection. I would probably devise some sort of system based on themes/subjects of the books. If you want to shoot me an email at, I'd be happy to make some more suggestions, but I'd need more information to do so. I did a similar project with my college's Writing Center's library and it was a lot of fun!


You could easily sell these!!!! Awesome!!!!! I'd buy them!!!!

I would love to see how these look in your Library! Very cute!