Little Makers: Space

Little Makers is a program our previous children's department head started at our main branch. This was a program I covered during the time period after she resigned and our new children's department head took over. (I used to be the children's department head and now am the county-wide children's coordinator). Since it is June and we are using the space theme for our summer reading program, it is a space-themed storytime for ages 2-5 with some extra activities added. 

I have been making a conscious effort to incorporate all of the the 5 Early Literacy Practices more fully into my programs for this age group, so I laid my program plan out to make sure I covered them all. 
Peeper and Zeep by Adam Gudeon
Journey to the Moon by Andy Mansfield (highly recommend this popup book for your professional storytime collections)
Many Moons by Remi Courgeon

"Anne" written in white crayon on black background with yellow stars on the points of the letters
Constellation Art Craft

Constellation Art Craft (see photo)
Write your name in white crayon on a black sheet of construction paper. Use the star stickers to place on the letters of your name. You have just made a constellation!

Counting Stars Game--Throw the 3 bean bags onto the paper plates on the floor. Each plate has a star on it with a number of points. Keep going until you get 10 points! I saw this idea online and now I can't find the post to link to it, sorry! I will edit it in if I find it later. 

Open Ended Magnet Board Play--
Talk about the different planets: what colors shapes? which ones have rings?
Which ones are made of rock and which ones are made of gas? 
Which planet do we live on? 


  1. All of these space books are new to me, can't wait to check them out - especially that popup title! Thanks for sharing Anne! Love the star game.

    Storytime in the Stacks


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