Puppy Mixup Action Game

I saw these little stuffed dogs while browsing online and thought they would be great for a storytime activity. Since taking this photo, I have seperated the puppy half from their grownups (I found twisting and pulling them off worked better than cutting them apart) and the kids will reunite the pairs.

For extra fun, I plan to put a picture of the breed on these favor boxes and have the kids match them up to the correct "dog house". You could easily make something with shoe boxes but the favor boxes are only $4.59 for a dozen, so I figured it would cost more in staff time to make something cute.

Prop Sources: 
Dog House Favor Boxes (a dozen, only need 6 for this game so you can save half for replacement pieces). These will be covered with tape to reinforce and sent through our internal delivery van in a plastic bin.

Stuffed Dogs Holding Puppies (dozen, includes 2 sets of 6 different dog breeds)


  1. Hi there! I found your blog recommended by JBrary. Can you tell me where you got all your plush kits from? I love them! Sincerely, Meghan Malone, Children's Librarian, Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, MA.

  2. Hi Meghan, these are from Oriental Trading. A lot of the others are from Amazon. I try to link them in the posts (the green text in the Prop Sources should be direct links).

    Thanks for reading!



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