Happy Birthday, Everyone!

A coworker and I wrote the following song to accompany this dog toy/slice of birthday cake.  

Happy Birthday Everyone
Tune: London Bridge is Falling Down

Happy birthday, everyone,
Everyone, everyone, everyone
Happy birthday, everyone
Let’s sing this song!

Everyone, let’s make a wish (Close your eyes)
Make a wish, Make a wish,
Everyone, let’s make a wish!
Blow that candle out! (BLOW)
Blow out the candle

Everyone, let’s eat some cake, (pretend to eat cake)
Eat some cake, Eat some cake,
Eat some birthday cake! YUM!
Yum, yum, yum yum.

Prop source: ZippyPaws Birthday Cake 

I do want to acknowledge that not all people celebrate birthdays so that is something to be aware of and sensitive to as you plan programs in a public library but I did want to share an option since many of my blog readers come from a variety of settings where they work with children and it can be difficult to find a variety of materials on birthday activities. 

If you like this prop but not this song, check back next week for another idea!