Flannel Friday Roundup for July 21, 2017

I'm hosting Flannel Friday again this week so please leave a link to your submission in the comments below! Look for the roundup late Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Syntha shared 5 Whales in a Bathtub for some good clean fun.

Laura contributed her version of Stone Soup, one of my favorite traditional tales.

Kathryn posted her Crazy Traffic Light, and is that GLITTER FELT I see??

Kate shared 5 Little Kites!


  1. Howdy, I'd like to share my felt set for Stone Soup.


  2. I have a set for a Crazy Traffic Light! http://kdr4xmom.blogspot.com/2017/07/traffic-light-stop-and-go.html

  3. Kate McKnight7/21/2017 12:04 AM

    Sharing a set for the weather http://www.feltboardmagic.com/five-little-kites-felt-board-set/


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