Spring Break Minute to Win It

Spring Break seemed like a great opportunity to host another round of Minute to Win It games. I like to use a mix of games we've played at past programs and then sprinkle in some new ones too. This time around we played: Back Flip, Don't Blow the Joker, Penny Hose, Separation Anxiety, and Baby Blockin'.

Separation Anxiety: separate a bag of Skittles by color into plastic cups

Don't Blow the Joker: blow all the cards in a deck except the Joker (bottom card) off a pop bottle

Baby Blockin': Balance a tower of baby blocks on a plate on your head

Pencil Flip: Flip pencils off the back of your hand and catch them

Penny Hose: Rescue a penny from the toe of each leg of a pair of pantyhose without using your other arm


  1. Hi, Anne! I just met you at the unconference (thank you for that - it was wonderful). I'm the librarian from New Jersey. :-)

    Remember I was saying that I was just about to use your program? This is it! This is the one!! Next week, we are going to minute-to-win-it in style.

    It was great to meet you. Thanks again for all you do!


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