Guest post at Storytime Underground

I'm over at Storytime Underground today as a "Guest Guerilla" chronicling how I built my professional learning network (PLN). Sara Bryce gave it the snappy title of "How to Steal Other People’s Lives without Really Trying: From Storytime Dads* to Flannel Friday: the Scandalous TL;DR of Anne Clark." Bryce don't play with bad titles!

Hope you enjoy! Having a PLN is so critical to my career satisification, but it is nerve-wracking to put yourself out there. But you've got to remember that turtles never make any progress until they stick their necks out either. And they've got a hard shell to fall back on.

*Just to be clear my husband was not a storytime dad. He was a storytime uncle, which made him fair game! Now he IS a storytime dad, so hands-off!