"Going to the Pet Store" Puppet Rhyme

Here's a fun activity also from last week's pet storytime tub, a rhyme called "Going to the Pet Store". These are puppets (all Folkmanis, as far as I know) that we had in our puppet closet. The hat box I used is where the snake puppet lives and the others I picked out to fit in there. I really liked the effect that using the smaller puppets (frog, dog, hamster?, mouse, turtle) first and then pulling out a giant snake had on the kids.

Going to the Pet Store
Going to the pet store,   (Slap your knees to the beat)
Gonna find a pet. 
I wonder what to get? 
Hmmmmm...  (Scratch your head) 
(Look in the bag/box and pull out a puppet)

After the snake came out, he went around the room and gave snake kisses. I also let the kids who were brave enough wear him around their necks. Some of the parents/caregivers snapped photos which I have no doubt wound up on Facebook. Free PR for the library! 

P.S. Have you checked out the Storytime Underground website yet? Put together by my friends Cory, Kendra, and Amy; SU aims to celebrate all of the awesome things happening in youth services librarianship and advocate for our field. So check it out! You can also participate in their virtual book club next month. If you're in my area, sorry that I've got the only local library copy of the book though. 


  1. I love that you saved the big snake puppet for the end. Oh yes, we'll be doing this for the start of Fall programs. Thank you! ~ jane

  2. I'll add this to my Dear Zoo repertoire! Love this.


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