"Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie" Puppet Show

Today for Flannel Friday, I'm sharing a version of a new picture book called Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie. It's by Mary Ellen Jordan and Andrew Weldon (a couple from a farm in Australia, according to the book's end flap). Judging by its reviews on GoodReads, it's not been a popular one, but I found it funny. I guess everyone can't be as much of a fan of chickens in purple underwear as I am.

Since I do storytimes just for kids 2 and 3 now, I decided to tell this one with puppets for our upcoming pig storytime. It's an easy one! All the puppets you'll need are (in this order):

  • Cow
  • Pig (I'm actually using a different, full-body oen when I do this with the kids, but it was too much darkness to get a good photo) 
  • Chicken
  • Dog


  1. That sounds like an excellent book for little ones!! A chicken in purple underwear?! I'll have to check it out. Your puppet show sounds like just the right touch. Thanks for sharing!


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