"Dig Into Reading" Decorations

We have a unique problem (or I guess I should say "challenge") at my new library. My branch's children's room is quite large. I'm not sure how many square feet it is, but it just keeps going and going and going. So, when it comes time to decorate the space for summer reading, it can be difficult to make a big impact. I think my staff did a great job, so I'm going to share some pictures I snapped of their efforts.

We have a weekly passive/stealth program craft during summer reading. This week's was to make a patriotic wand to celebrate Independence Day. 

Our Writing Center, with a different writing activity each month. For June: "What is something you DIG (really love)?"

Bulletin board with collaborative summer program artwork

Top of the fiction shelves

Top of nonfiction shelves

Raggedy Andy digs reading

...So does Raggedy Ann

When kids join our summer reading program, they can write their name on a worm for this bulletin board.  When I took this picture, we had 1,803 kids signed up. 


  1. I adore the wiggly worm wall! Lookin' good girl ~ jane

  2. I have the same issue. My space is ginormous. We have to go big and bright or it wouldn't be noticed. Great ideas!

  3. Great minds apparently DO think alike! We also had kids color a die-cut worm to add to our huge bulletin board. Makes me smile every day when I look at all those colorful worms! :)


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