Women's History Month

I'm late getting this on my blog, but we put up a display to celebrate Women's History Month (March). To make the sign, I found a list of famous American women and turned it into a wordle. I really like how the Wordle itself turned out. Then I pulled some of our biographies of accomplished women. It's right next to the checkout and catches a lot of eyes. Here's my sign, if you'd like to use it.

P.S. That's my desk in the background (the computer by my red coat), if you were wondering where I write these posts (it's allowed at my work, but I know everyone isn't so lucky). 


  1. Nice display. Looks like some good books there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this idea! I'm a junior library aid at my highschool library and I'm incharge of displays and I can't wait to do this one!


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