Roll a Storytime!

Here's an idea that lots of librarians already do and that I know at least one person has posted for Flannel Friday before (sorry, can't remember who!). I've heard it called "Roll-a-Rhyme" most frequently. Basically, you make a big die (singular of dice!) and roll it. Whatever comes up, is the nursery rhyme that you sing/say.You can build a box out of cardboard. I actually bought mine from Discount School Supply. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay $36, and I don't think I got number cards with them, but it was a few years ago. I made the nursery rhyme cards in Publisher. The dice have vinyl pockets so you can change the contents really easily.

Another idea is to put different movements on there. You can use animal movements. DSS's come with kids pretending to be different letters of the alphabet like this:
Other ideas for these dice: Put different colors and whoever is wearing that color has to stand up. Or touch their nose or lick their elbow. Whatever. Use different shapes and have the kids practice making those shapes with their bodies.With letters--if your name starts with the letter or contains it, for older kids. Or at home with your own little one, you could practice drawing the shapes, letters, etc.


  1. Somehow I have totally missed this through DSS. Definitely a keeper!

  2. Great Idea! Here's something similar I do with the Song Wheel

  3. I made my own dice which are falling apart and must be weighted unevenly because they always land on the same rhymes. Thank you for sharing were you got these from and giving me new search terms to find factory made ones!!!


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