"Signals" by Shel Silverstein Folder Story

Every youth librarian should have a folder story in his or her arsenal. A popular one is Scat the Cat, but a really simple one I made is an adaptation of the poem "Signals" by Shel Silverstein. You can find it on page 20 of A Light in the Attic.

The poem begins by describing what to do when a traffic light changes to red or green, but then asks "But what do you do/When the light turns blue/With orange and lavender spots?"

To make this folder story, I drew a traffic light in Micrsoft Paint (super simple: a rectangle with three ovals inside) and printed it on some yellow cardstock we have had forever. Then I grabbed a folder and cut out its middle. I used strips of construction paper for the red and green lights and drew a blue strip with orange and lavender dots in Paint for the last light change.

Love Silverstein? Me too! I also adapted "Shadow Wash" and "Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich" for storytime.


  1. Great idea to use in a vehicles storytime - one of our favourite storytime themes.


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