Dork Diaries Readalikes Display

Have hordes of Dork Diaries fans invaded your fair library? That has definitely been the case in mine. All of our copies are checked out with waiting lists. Same with my go-to readalikes. I put a call out for suggestions from my Twitter network, and like usual, they did not disappoint. I turned their recommendations into this quick display (not all titles pictured). On the right is something I have been trying to do more often with my displays: jot down notes of what titles I've included so that they can a) be reused easily in the future and b) refilled quickly in the present. Some of the titles for this display are:
  • Drama by Telgemeier
  • Amelia series by Moss
  • Dear Dumb Diary series by Benton
  • Alvin Ho series by Look
  • Popularity Papers by Ignatow
  • 8th Grade is Making Me Sick by Holm
  • Justin Case series by Vail
  • Origami Yoda series by Anglebarger 
  • Big Nate series by Peirce


  1. Now the question is what to do when all those series are checked out too because that's usually the case in my library. Cannot keep anything "Diary" like on the shelves.

  2. Sarah--

    Close up shop and go home? ;)

  3. I will totally tell my director that, lol. No more Dork Diaries? Wimpy is off the shelves! Library, we need to close!


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