Ethics & Children's Librarianship

Many of the courses I took when I was working on my MLS covered ethics, but none of them were classes that dealt specifically with working with children. I think there are sticky situations that come up more often when kids are involved. I thought it would be interesting to pose a few to the readers and see how we think they should be resolved.

 I know some of the people who read this blog also teach library school or children's literature classes. I'd love if you posed these questions to your students and shared what they have to say.

Scenario #1: A parent brings a copy of The Hunger Games up to you and asks if you think it's appropriate for their 8-year old child. How do you proceed?

Scenario #2: A teen asks you for a copy of 50 Shades of Gray. Would you check it out to them (or put it on hold for them)? Would everyone at your library be willing to do so? Would you discuss the contents of the book with them, whether you've read it or not, I think we all have a pretty good idea what it's like.

Scenario #3: A patron wants to give you a gift card. Would you accept it? What would you do with it? What if it was an item like baby clothes for a pregnant librarian?

If you are interested in participating, the survey can be taken here. I have closed comments on this post to protect everyone's identity. The survey results are public (but anonymous), so please factor that in to your responses. 

EDIT 1/17/13: The survey is now closed. I'll be back soon with the results!

Thanks to the real librarians who chipped in their real life experiences. If you have one to add, there is a section on the survey to do so. You may also email me.