Quick Tip: Use poster tubes to keep items on the shelf neatly

If there's one thing that drives me crazy, it's a messy DVD shelf. I can forgive unruly fiction and nonfiction shelves because the books are all different shapes and sizes. BUT there is NO EXCUSE (and yes, I am yelling at you) for anything but the straightest line of DVDs. I am a laid-back person in general but militant about this. 
So, how can busy librarians keep their DVD shelves nice and tidy? A little recycling of poster tubes is how. We are constantly getting promotional posters from publishers via our book distributor. Like any children's librarian, I am a hoarder of things that may be useful in the future. The big tubes I use individually behind the DVD cases and the smaller ones I tape together in a bundle. Anyone else out there do this? It saves us so much time! 

Business in the front
Party in the back


  1. Another thing you can use are those swim noodles. They can be trimmed to fit the shelf and can be found during spring & summer at the dollar stores.

  2. We use empty Kleenex boxes. Live in the middle of allergy country and you have a lot of those.

    WHY WHY WHY must wonderful children always try to push everything to the back of the shelf?

  3. We used tubes for awhile, but then purchased 2 x 4 lumber, cut it length, sanded it, poly urethaned it and it works well.


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