Friday, June 08, 2012

Flannel Friday: A Very Special Delivery

My husband and I were extremely touched yesterday to receive an absolutely beautiful gift for the baby we are expecting any day now. It's a homemade colors felt book for our little one, apparently in the works since February! Isn't it gorgeous? The pages are pictured slightly out of order, sorry!

Cover by Anna

Green by Andrea

Grey by LQ

Tan by Melissa, who remembered to put Lake Michigan on the correct side (left/west)

Purple by Tracey

Pink by Katie (Storytime Katie)

Black by Cate

Blue by Linda

Red by Mollie

White by Katie at Storytime Secrets

Brown by Mary

Yellow by Sharon

Orange by Liz

Thank you so much Melissa, LQ, Sharon, Tracey, Katie, Mollie, Andrea, Cate, Mary, Liz, Linda, Katie, and Anna for putting this together! Special thanks to LQ, whose idea it was, and to Mary and Mel for coordinating and assembling. I had no idea you were all scheming up such a delightful present. When Mel asked for my address, I thought she was just going to send me an Avalanche jersey as we are residents of Red Wings Country. I have never been happier to be wrong!

Timing wise, UPS delivered the package in the middle of a small belated birthday party for my sister so I was extra amused that the enclosed card congratulated us on our "new and improved family!" Ha! Fortunately, my sister had already opened our present so I didn't have to compete with the Flannel Friday crew. Thank goodness.

I want to apologize because I didn't realize how many people were waiting to hear that we received the package as Mel informed everyone it would be arriving yesterday.  I was just going to put this post up. So, sorry! After I finally told Mel, she sent me the Google Document where this little band of international schemers had been planning for four months!

Once again, thank you ladies so much! I have loved being your virtual colleague. It has been a privilege and an honor!


Thanks for the update - it was such a fun collaborative project! It was good to have the opportunity to payback for the help you've offered so freely over the past months.

That is absolutely beautiful! What a talented group you are!

This is so sweet!!

YAY! So glad you liked it. It was so fun to make - and to be involved in a virtual collaboration like that was awesome. Happy New and Improved Family!!!

I'm so, so happy you liked it! It's been SO HARD keeping it a secret, but so very worth it.

YAY! I kept going to Twitter yesterday waiting to hear. Nothing. When I saw Melissa's conversation i thought, "A-ha, she has no idea how excited everyone is about this." And Anne, if you dig deep enough in that Google doc, you'll see LQ's real name ... which I haven't used once (and still won't).

Happy Being Born, So-Tomorrowling! You've got a very talented momma!

PS: This has been very much like the Newbery dinner for me: waiting to hear the story of The Opening! Thanks for sharing it!

Although I have been participating in Flannel Friday for almost a year, making the page in the book was the first time that I made something from flannel. Thanks for getting me to use Twitter, Pinterest and actual flannel. May you and your husband have much joy (and some sleep) in the incredible journey that lies ahead.

What an absolutely incredible gift. This is so thoughtful!

I can't tell you how fun (and educational)it was to make this. I'm so glad you have it now, and we expect many pictures of the baby with it, too :)

I think that can be arranged!

For a first effort, that is amazing! Felt is so fun to work with. I hope you will give it a try again!

She will always be LQ to me!

I am so impressed by the super stealthiness! I can't keep a secret at all so it is a good thing I wasn't involved. ;)

I was so amazed at all the coordination when I was reading the Google doc! Incredible!

Absolutely gorgeous! What an AWESOME job everyone did! <3

Anne, best wishes to you as you await the arrival of your new little one. Your life will be changing and you will never ever see life the same again. Babies are everything good in this world and the first time you hold your own is beyond magical! Enjoy your new experiences together.

I'll be watching for the announcement. I hope it comes as quickly as you want it to. :o) I know with my first one, I wanted him here quickly but then I would freak myself out and decide he should stay safe and sound inside me where I knew I could take care of him. Lol! Silliness!

Enjoy your weekend!

P. S. To all the creative and talented collaborators, I would love to know how you physically put the book together. I'm thinking I would love to make something similar for my first grandbaby. Do you mind sharing how to put it all together? Thanks!

What an absolutely amazing present.

Okay collaborators and generous, talented flannel did an amazing job. WOW! I have been away, on vacation, and just sat down to catch up on the past two weeks of FF...and WOW,(yes I said WOW again) - this is sooooo cool and beautiful. I have been a part of FF for about 5 months now and I have to say you are the best people...kind and helpful and very professional. Anne, we will all be looking for baby and book photos. xoxx ~ jane

What a thoughtful and lovely gift! Best wishes, Anne!

Thanks both! I sometimes wonder if I'm developing a dual personality with the LQ business - love that it gives me the opportunity to blog which I wouldn't otherwise have. All the best Anne!

So very, very happy you like it! It was a joy to make and to work with these wonderful women - especially Mel! I hope you, Brian and the baby have lots of fun sharing it! <3

Anne - Congratulations again on the impending arrival of your little one. I've been mostly away from internet-related things while I settle into married life, but I loved participating in this project, and I'm so glad you like the finished product! All the best to you and your family!

That is such an amazing gift made with love.