Squire McGuire

I recieved a Flannel Friday submission via email from Josh, a librarian at Berkeley Public Library in Berkeley CA,  so I am posting my first ever guest Flannel Friday post. I am happy to do this for anyone who has an idea to share but not a blog of their own (although I encourage you to start a blog if you are interested). You can also contact the host of an upcoming roundup to see if he or she would post your idea as a guest contribution. Here's what Josh has to say:
Here is a flannel board I recently made. The art and rhyme come from the book It's Raining said John Twaining: Danish Nursery Rhymes by N.M. Bodecker. Here are the words:

Squire McGuire
How much is your lyre?
A dollar McDoo
Since the strings are quite new.
If you want it more lavish,
Go to McTavish
If you want it just plain,
You must go to McLain.

The patterns are based directly on the illustrations and are a bit too detailed, but it is great for vocabulary, as words like "lyre" aren't used every day.

Thanks for sharing, Josh! I love the idea of using nursery rhymes from other cultures that American kids are unlikely to be familiar with.


  1. Welcome to Flannel Friday, Josh! I agree that it is fun to share different types of Nursery Rhymes with our storytime friends. Thanks for sharing this one. I had not heard it before. :o)


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